Maria van Ginneken

Mijn naam is Maria van Ginneken en ik heb sinds april 2010 een praktijk in o.a. Integratieve therapie, coaching, counseling en relatietherapie in Capelle aan den IJssel. Ik begeleid met hart en ziel individuën en stellen op hun zoektocht naar meer evenwicht in hun leven, het verwerken van negatieve ervaringen en/of het verbeteren van hun relatie.


What can be more frustrating than trying to express yourself in a language other than your own, especially when your feelings and emotions are involved? That problem can probably only be surpassed by having a therapist you can’t understand properly or having to translate everything for your partner as you go along……. And then there’s the cultural difference. Even if you’re from a country close to the Netherlands, the difference in habits, acumen and schooling can be substantial and thus detrimental whilst trying to communicate and truly understand each other. That problem is easily solved by consulting a native speaker! I’ve been through the same experience as you: moving from the country I was brought up in and starting a different life in a strange country. In fact I’m a field expert as far as difficulties and challenges are concerned, but I’ve found out that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

If you’re in need of counselling and are looking for someone who is totally committed to helping you though a difficult stage in your life or your relationship: I’m there for you. Sessions are possible in my practice or in your home, during the day or the evening. The methods I use are:

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Rational Emotive Therapy

Coaching Relationship coaching/counselling
Solution Based Therapy
Voice Dialogue
Systemic Therapy
Schema (integrative) Therapy

More often than not I use a mixture of these methods, because I don’t believe in labelling people or their problems. The sessions are always made-to-measure.

Any other questions you may have are more than welcome. Please send an e-mail to mariahearttoheartcoaching @ via the contact page.

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